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Gainesville Animal Removal :You Know Spring Is Critter Baby Season
We are a professional wild animal removal service registered with the Florida Wildlife Commission. We make every effort to always be both humane when removing wild animals for our customers. We specialize in armadillo and snake removal. When we have time we often perform other nuisance wildlife control services such as the removal of bats, birds , rodents, squirrels, raccoons, and other wildlife from attics and eaves.
Springtime is baby critter time and removing them takes special concerns to not make orphans. We remove, trap, prevent and control wild animals.

We service the following following North Central Florida Counties and Communities:

Alachua County Florida- Alachua, Archer, Earleton, Evinston, Gainesville, Hawthorne, High Springs, Island Grove, La Crosse, Lochloosa, Micanopy, Newberry, Waldo 32044 32601 32603 32605 32606 32607 32608 32609 32615 32618 32622 32631 32640 32641 32643 32653 32666 32667 3266932694 32696 Columbia County Florida- Fort White, Columbia City, Lake City, Lulu, 32024 32025 32038 32055 32061 32094 32096 32643 Gilchrist County Florida- Bell, Fanning Springs, Trenton 32008 32619 32643 32669 32693 Levy County, Florida- Williston, Chiefland , Bronson, Otter Creek, Morristown 32618 32621 32625 32626 32668 32669 32693 32696 34431 34449 34498 Suwannee County, Florida - Branford, Live Oak, Mc Alpin, O Brien, Wellborn Union County Florida- Lake Butler, Raiford, Worthington Springs, Providence 32054 32058 32083

Spring is a beautiful time of the year. Nature has a way of regenerating herself and all the dead grass,turns green, flowers begin to bloom and love is in the air. It is indeed my favorite time of the year. Most folks who have conflicts with critters in their homes or other structures have no one but themselves to blame for a critter invasion. This is that time of year all of natures moms look for a safe place to have and raise their litters. Newly Born Gray Squirrels Found In A Attic Of A Home Here in North Florida , we have lots of wildlife that in order for their species to survive need safe shelters. Those of you who have chimneys and don't have chimney caps often find out a mother raccoon or mother squirrel take up residence. of course a old chimney cap that is no longer secure is just like not having one.

A common entry point into homes are either broken vents, poorly maintained soffits or access left open under the crawl space of a home. So if you are hearing noises especially this time of year you probably have one of natures mothers just doing what seems best for her new family. Young Birds Living Under A Poorly Maintained Roof If you don't want Raccoons in your homes it starts with keeping the maintenance up, not feeding pets or other animals outside, and keeping the trash cans sealed.Anytime you leave food even in a bird feeder you are attracting them to a regular eating spot and they will quickly find a place nearby to call home and have their meals served on a regular basis. Here in Florida, Bats are protected from any aggressive removal and trapping from 15 Apr-15 Aug. A mother bat has one young pup a year that is unable to fly for the first six weeks as a professional the state limits me and any homeowner from disturbing them and separating a mother bat from her young will result in the young bats die in a attic anyway and create just another problem anyway. Bats Inside A Attic Bats are removed from homes by restricting their known access points creating a one way door that forces them to squeeze themselves out but not allow them to get back in and to prevent re-entry any hole 3/8's of an inch needs to be sealed.

Our chicken coops become popular this time of year as a young mother fox needs to feed not only herself but a den of newly born fox pups.Most fox problems can be resolved by not going them a way in and yes they do climb very well so a completely sealed chicken coop is the only way to keep them out and the chickens safe. Coyotes are abundant here in our area and have been steadily growing at alarming rates. Mother coyotes also have dens of pups and need foxes, birds, cats and dogs to keep their own young mouths full. In the next month we will begin to see both mother coyotes and foxes out in the open as they teach them to hunt on their own.Good time not to leave a small dog or cat unattended outdoors. The problem beyond some scratching and other noises in the dark is their toilets or fecal deposits. Fecal deposits can contain a fungus that once it dries up into powder can be circulated by any mechanical or thermal turbulence such as moving items in your attic, or the now broken ac vent upstairs circulating the dust up and around your attic and if your home is not built tight this dust can penetrate into living parts of your home. Histoplasmosis to many of us may just be a flu that seems to not go away.

For more on this visit the Centers For Disease Control Web Site. Bats and birds are too of the biggest carriers of histoplasmosis though. Seeing a wild animal this time of year in daylight does not always mean that they are rabid and can simply mean that they have mouths to feed. Rabid or not, leave them alone, don't ever feed any wild animal no matter how cute they are or you are creating a problem for either your self or a neighbor nearby please. Bottom Line: We can all live and enjoy wild animals and actually co-exist with them. Most nuisance wildlife is usually the result of a irresponsible human who teaches them bad habits or has given them a place to live in the first place. Wildlife has no boundaries; I just try to help you keep them out of your homes. If you have a question about a wild animal call the FWC in Lake Cityor you can call me at 352-575-0121. For domestic animals like stray dogs and cats please call a local shelter . Robb Russell Anytime Wildlife Control

Gainesville Animal Removal: You Know Spring Is Critter Baby Season

By Robb Russell,